We are looking for good people….


It is hard to find someone or a company to help you with that what you need to get done, mostly we have to ask around to see who could do the job…

Often we find someone that has time, and needs the money, but unfortunately is not really good at what he or she is doing, but hey… we can’t find anyone else, and we are even worse ourselves or have absolutely no time…
So now it’s the time we search on facebook, just to make the circle bigger and bigger to find those who are good in what they are doing, but… It’s not so private, busy, and that’s not for everybody…
Well, we have created a directory, just for connecting good people, in a very private way, being able to call, or send a message, read their profile, and if they are good, they will also have reviews…
A website with lots of good features for the advertiser… and its local.
 – Listing Title
 – Phone Number
 – Whatsapp
 – Detailed Listing Description
 – Unlimited Keywords/Tags – High SEO Scores
 – Links to your Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Linkedin.
 – Opening Hours
 – Announcements
 – Website
 – Google Map
 – Full Address
 – FQA (Frequently Asked Questions)
 – Your Business Video
 – Heading Images
 – Business Logo
 – Reviews
 – Features (languages, and more on request)
Come and join us at https://almeria.directory
Feel free to contact us for more details here.

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