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Website Terms and Conditions for “almeria.directory”  [https://Almeria.directory]

These terms and conditions govern the use of the “almeria.directory” website, owned and managed by Rubio Fluid Dynamics S.L. Please read the terms in full before using this website. By using the “almeria.directory” website, including any of the services provided by the Website, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this website or its services. “almeria.directory” reserves the right to amend or update the website terms and conditions or policies at any time.

Website Access

Access to the “almeria.directory” website is granted without having to register, however particular areas of the website are only available to registered users. All reasonable steps are made to ensure that the “almeria.directory” website is available 24 hours every day, 365 days per year. However, websites do sometimes encounter server problems and under these circumstances, and including any other technical reasons, “almeria.directory” will not accept liability of any description, including, without limitation, loss of business or revenue, resulting from the performance of or the temporary unavailability of the site.
Where possible “almeria.directory” will try to give advance warning of any issues but shall not be obliged to do so.

Use of the Website

Permission to use the “almeria.directory” website for personal use, including the printing and forwarding of material, so long as it is with reference to the website, is granted, provided that the content is not modified without the consent of “almeria.directory” . Material on “almeria.directory” must not be republished online or offline, furthermore no part of this website may be reproduced unless consent is agreed in writing. With the exception of personally identifiable information, the use of which is covered under the “almeria.directory” Privacy Policy, any material sent to or posted to this website shall be considered non-proprietary and not confidential. Unless notice is received to the contrary “almeria.directory” will be free to copy, distribute, incorporate, and otherwise use such material for any and all purposes.

Advertising with “almeria.directory”

Business and individual advertisers placing an advertisement with “almeria.directory” , in any form, constitutes agreement to all the website terms and conditions by the advertiser. “almeria.directory” reserves the right to refuse advertisements and listing for any reason should it select to do so. It is prohibited for any persons under the age of 18 years to register with “almeria.directory” for the purpose of on-line advertising and listings. The website and its advertisement options must be used for lawful purposes only. The website advertisement facilities must be used solely by the person or persons who have the legal authority, permissions, and entitlement to do so. All advertisers agree that, as at the date of submission, their data, content or material is accurate. “almeria.directory” reserves the right to make changes to, or delete, material uploaded to this website at any time and without notice.

Making Payments

Listings and advertisements must be paid for in advanced for the agreed time period. On the date of renewal, if payment is not received in full, “almeria.directory” reserve the right to remove listings or advertisements until such time that the correct payment is received.
If monthly direct payments have been agreed “almeria.directory” reserve the right to remove listings or advertisements should the payments become overdue.

Making On-line Payments

“almeria.directory” passes users to the trusted PayPal gateway to process all online payments. Connection to Paypal is made via a secure socket layer. After the value has been agreed and processed “almeria.directory” requests that users return to the “almeria.directory” website, using the link that Paypal provides, to complete the transaction. Users making online payments do so at their own risk. There are alternative methods of payment available, such as cash transactions, and bank transfers.


“almeria.directory” will refund your payment only if you have sent an email with the subject “request for refund” and reasons for such within (3) working days after the payment was submitted. Sent your “request for refund” only to info@almeria.directory. Refunds will only be issued to the same account as from which the payment was submitted.

Exclusions of liability

“almeria.directory” endeavors to ensure that the information on this website is accurate, however, correctness or completeness in a changing world cannot be guaranteed, and “almeria.directory” accepts no responsibility for keeping the information on these pages up to date or any liability for any failure to do so. Use of the information provided on this website is accepted voluntarily and “almeria.directory” assumes no responsibility for consequences resulting from the use of the material herein. This website contains advertisements and listings provided by registered users, this does not imply a recommendation by “almeria.directory”, nor does it guarantee their accuracy. All third party material is published by “almeria.directory” in good faith. “almeria.directory” “almeria.directory” will not be held responsible, in any form, for information provided by advertisers. “almeria.directory” shall not be held responsible for the legal obligations of any property or business advertiser. On the submission of content to the website it is acknowledged that “almeria.directory” is under no obligation to publish any or all material.

All visitors are advised to check details of promotional content carefully before entering into any agreements of any kind, and “almeria.directory” recommends that legal advice be sought before entering into any agreement concerning promotional details of the listings.

“almeria.directory” will fully co-operate with any law enforcement authorities requesting disclosure of identity for any persons submitting any material in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Links to and from other websites

Links to third party websites located on “almeria.directory” are provided for visitor convenience only.
“almeria.directory” has not fully reviewed each third party website and has no responsibility for such or their content. “almeria.directory” does not endorse any third party websites or make representations about them or any material contained in them. On choosing to access a third party website linked to from this website, it is at the risk of the visitor.

A third party website wishing to link to the “almeria.directory” website may do so on the basis that the link is subject to the following “almeria.directory” conditions:

  1. that no content from the “almeria.directory” website is replicated without written consent;
  2. that there is no implication that “almeria.directory” is endorsing any services or products from the third party website unless this has been specifically agreed with “almeria.directory” ;
  3. that there is no misrepresentation of the relationship between the third party website and “almeria.directory” and that no false information in relation to “almeria.directory” is presented;
  4. that third party links are only made from the owner of the third party site;
  5. the third party website does not contain content that is offensive or controversial, that it does not infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of any other person or does not comply in any way with the law in Spain or any other country in the world.

Electronic mailing communications

It is agreed that any communications from “almeria.directory” to its customers and advertisers via electronic mailing methods satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

Please also read the “almeria.directory” Privacy Policy before using this website.


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